Utilizing state-of-art automatic and semi-automatic manufacturing and test equipment to provide higher quality products with a faster turn around on production builds.


Test programs generated by self-learning a sample assembly finds bad cables and detects latent manufacturing defects that can cause cables to malfunction in the future. Automatically performs a low-voltage connection resistance test and a high-voltage (hipot) I.R./dielectric breakdown test. Test programs are stored in the tester’s non-volatile memory and backed up to the daily to PKC,s network.


SCHLEUINGER High Speed Cut & Strip machines represent the finest and most precise wire processing in the world. PKC has been using SCHLEUNIGER exclusively for over 40 years. Schleuniger’s high performance automatic cut & strip machines accurately process single conductor wire, multi-conductor cable, shielded cable, coax cable, semi-rigid coax, flat ribbon cable, glass optical fiber (GOF) cable and plastic optical fiber (POF) cable. Highly versatile and productive equipment with user-friendly operation.


PKC operates two modular DIT-MCO’s automated wiring analyzers allowing our engineering team the ability to configure test and measurement accuracies needed for switching type, size, portability, and throughput. PKC’s test engineers can program measurements in high-resolution steps from 0.01 ohm to 1000 megohms, program voltage stimuli as well from .225 volt through 2000 volts and current from 5 milliamps through 2 amps up to 3000 test points per analyzer. Testing capabilities include: Circuit continuity tests for open circuits, Insulation resistance verification for short circuits, Dielectric breakdown (hipot) tests, Resistor tests, Relay tests, Diode tests, Capacitor tests; and Switch and circuit breaker tests.


The M-100L FG-TT Superfast is a fully automatic, turnkey marking system that utilizes a UV solid-state laser with an integrated high-speed scanner. User-friendly software allows unlimited font selection (any TrueType font for any language) as well as full graphics capabilities (pictures, logos, barcodes, etc.). The M-100L FG-TT Superfast 150 supports both vertical and horizontal text orientation, programmable message spacing, 3 separate zones of print with variable separation spaces, and source and destination coding on wire ends. Meets MIL-W-5088L, AS-5088-L, as well as SAE ARP5607 (Legibility of Print). Qualified per the BAC5152 spec. Laser markable wire types: BMS 13-48, BMS 13-60, Raychem spec 55, AS22759/16-19, 32-46, 80-92, etc. Wire and cable jacket materials: PTFE, TFE, PEF, ETEF, XL-ETFE, etc.


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